BrigadeIQ Intelligently Connects Compliance to ensure response team members are fully qualified and equipped to safely handle unforeseen facility emergencies.

BrigadeIQ: Intelligent Compliance

Frustrated chasing down training rosters and manually tracking all the complex compliance requirements for your emergency response team on an antiquated spreadsheet? BrigadeIQ can help.

BrigadeIQ guides facilities through the complicated compliance process to ensure response team members are qualified and equipped to safely handle unforeseen facility emergencies.

No more lost rosters.
No more loading data into antiquated spreadsheets.
No more second guessing.

100% Confident Compliance!


Are you Audit Ready?

BrigadeIQ Inter-Connects all of the following;

• Team and Individual Training Attendance
• Team Qualification Compliance Scores
• Training Certification Expirations
• Individual Job Performance Requirements
• Employer Facility Requirements
• PPE & Equipment Service Life
• Individual Member Qualifications
• PPE Service Life Expiration
• OSHA Medical Clearances
• Fit Testing Expirations
• Individual Member Compliance
• Overall Facility Compliance

• Emergency Response Training Courses
• Post-Course Training Documents and Rosters
• Attendee Training Certificates
• Corporate / Facility Training History
• Annual Training Budgets
• PPE Replacement Budget

• Monthly Training Attendance
• Facility Training Session History
• Completed Job Performance Requirements (JPRs)
• Competed Employer Facility Requirements (EFRs)
• PPE Inspection Reports

Managing emergency response team compliance has never been easier!

Is your Emergency Response Team Audit Ready?

Creating confident responders since 2005.


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