Hospital First Receiver 460-HFR
OSHA 1910.120(q)

First Receiver Operations – This course exceeds the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Joint Commission on the Accreditation on Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requirements for hospitals. During this two-day training session participants will be able to recognize hazardous materials, perform hazard and risk assessments, determine and dress in the appropriate personal protective equipment, and how to perform effective patient decontamination.

Hospitals that are expected to handle contaminated or potentially contaminated patients will need to be properly trained. Exposure to harmful chemicals is often thought to occur during a terror event, but realistically a contaminated patient is more likely to present from an accidental release. These releases are often a result of a transportation or industrial facility accident. This training is based on OSHA Best Practices.

Employees of the hospital that need the training are; Emergency Department Staff, Maintenance & Engineering, Security, Environmental Services, and Nursing Supervisors. Additional employees that may need the training may be; Lab personnel, Respiratory Therapist, Admissions, Clerical, and Health & Safety.

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